Children Mashramani

Children Mashramani

On March 10, 2019, Ms. Addis Black, Founder and Coordinator hosted the 2019 Stewartville and Uitvlugt Children Mash on the West Coast of Demerara. This annual event is in its 7th year and each year the event is growing. The 2019 Stewartville and Uitvlugt Children Mash had 800 people including children that participated in the event. There were floats, costumes and bands that represented the culture of Guyana. The sponsors of the event were The Roraima Institute, We Helping Other People Excel, Inc. (We HOPE), A Forrester Lumber Yard, Association for Stewartville Affairs and other government agencies. The Roraima Institute and We HOPE, Inc. were instrumental by provided 300 T-Shirts to the participants of the event. The 2019 Stewartville and Uitvlugt Children Mash was a huge success. The several communities collaborated to make the event possible. The children look forward to participating in this annual event. Each year, the Cultural and Educational event has attracted a larger crowd. The  Roraima Institute (TRI) supported  this grassroot initiative.

TRI Roundtables

The TRI held its First Roundtable on Entrepreneurship – Ethical and Transformational Leadership on July 30, 2017. 25 young Guyanese entrepreneurs participated.

The TRI held its Second Roundtable on Entrepreneurship – Ethical and Transformational Leadership on August 6th, 2017. 38 young Guyanese entrepreneurs participated.

TRI In Berlin

Berlin Conference

The Director of TRI participated on behalf of the TRI in the Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy December 13-16 th , 2018 in Berlin at Center for Cultural Diplomacy. The theme was “Utilizing Cultural Diplomacy To Foster Democracy, Advance International Law and Back Global Human Rights.” Professor Paul Tennassee interacted intensely with over 33 leaders across Europe listening to interactive presentations and one to one discussion on multiple issues that affect Europe and the world. Subjects included Brexit, Catalan Independence Issues, Migrants and Refugees, Islamaphobia, Russian-Ukraine
relations and impact on Europe, Cybersecurity, NATO, Terrorism, Global Trade and EU-USA Relations and Gender and Governance. The underlying factor that impinged on all issues is the re-emergence of White Nationalism.